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April 2019

If you’ve been following me on Twitter you know I’m down here in New Zealand chasing Winter and skiing great snow. This morning I hiked up one of the peaks at “The Remarkables” and then skied down it. Was I scared? Yes (don’t let the smile in the picture below fool you). Was I committed to stretching beyond my comfort zone so I could grow as a skier. Definitely. So ate my fear. And skied down the mountain.

Just a ton of lessons I want to share with you from this morning’s experience. Here are my best 4:

1. Move away from your comfort zone

Staying within your comfort zone-whether on a mountain or within a life-is sort of a waste of time. Why? Because though you’re not frightened, you’re also not growing and improving.

2. Discard your – What if thoughts

Don’t let your mind keep you small. As I climbed closer to the peak and the air got thinner, my mental chatter grew louder. “What if you fall off this mountain?” “Maybe you’re not good enough to ski this.” “You could be in trouble up here.” I just switched it off and got down to business. Just focused on getting to where I needed to go. Most fears are just a bunch of lies you’ve sold yourself anyway. So I refused to buy them.

3. Search or speak to someone about your North Star

We each have our own Everests. Maybe you’re facing a business challenge. Maybe you’re going through some really hard personal time. Maybe you’re just in a place where nothing seems to work. Don’t back down from your Everests because climbing them will take you to your next level of leadership and humanity. They are such precious gifts. Embrace them.

4. Celebrate the small wins

Reward the Win. I’m trying to eat at peak. But when I got down, I scored myself a “Mountain Chocolate Muffin”. Sure, it may not have been the best thing for my body. But it definitely was the best thing for my soul. As I ate it, while sitting out on the deck overlooking more peaks, I celebrated my win. That reward anchored me to the positivity of tackling hard things. So now I’m ready for the next one.

Few things feel as good as doing something that challenged you deeply versus running back to comfort. I beat some fear this morning, bumped up my ski game and can’t wait for the next opportunity. To stretch, reach and grow.


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