5 Questions To Ask At Your Next Interview!

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Yes you read the title correctly, these are questions you the INTERVIEWEE need to ask the potential employer at your next interview.

Everyone expects to receive questions at an interview, but rarely are prepared to ask any. The interview table is a social testing ground, a place where a person in authority uses questions to gauge the suitability of a candidate to their organization. If your goal is to convey confidence and competence, turn the tables on them by – Asking them some questions! 

Asking the right questions can convince your potential employer you have motivation, confidence, clarity and focus on your career path. These questions will also help you assess if this job is good for your career path, rather than convincing them and trying to win them over.

I wish i could say i had the prowess to manage these questions and take control of the interviews like James Bond ordering a Vodka Martini (shaken not stirred).

Sadly some i got lucky and pitched their prompts well, while others crashed the landing.

The good news it’s not too late for you!

These may seem like obvious questions but you are asking them for multifold reasons. Here’s the top __ questions you must ask to land that job!

(A small caveat, these questions might be better suited for a second interview or a managerial position.)

1. What is the biggest challenge of this job?

A simple open ended question like this will reveal hidden truths about the job that you will not know otherwise. The interviewer is sure to understand your interest for details.It’s code for “what do i have to do to get fired”. 

He will hopefully state the most vital or delicate responsibilities of the role. It will help you prepare to take on the role with these warnings in mind. 

2. What would you like me to improve from the previous employee at this position? 

While this is sneaky one it can do wonders to learn more about the company and their standards. It will show tenacity and willingness to learn. It’s no secret you are filling the position that became vacant, this is a roundabout way of finding out why it became vacant. The interviewer will clearly receive you don’t want to mess up where the previous employee did and are keen on improving on their expectations.  Learning the mistakes of others is the fastest way to grow.

3. What are the company’s plans for expansion/growth in the next 5 years?

A bold big picture question like this changes the dynamics of the conversation and allows you control.

You don’t need to be an investor to ask such questions. Immediately the interviewer can see you are interested in their future.

It will also show clarity on where the company’s future plans and where they are heading. This will give you a wider view to take a more informed decision if offered the job.

4. What is the process to advance in this company?

A sure way to show your ambition and tenacity. This will force them to say what they value most from their employees. You might think this is a redundant question but it’s always best to hear the clear process at the very beginning. You never know if there are conditions for promotions that you never knew about. 

  • You may not like the answer but at least you are clear on what they are expecting.

5. What are the most important skills required for this job? 

This question may seem counter intuitive, you may be fearing a response like “didn’t you read the job description prior to applying?”. It’s a great way to find out essentials that may not be stated on paper and might otherwise take weeks or months for you to learn on your own. this once again forces the interviewer to reveal what skills they value the most. 

  • Don’t assume you know what they want, the answer might surprise you

Each interview setting is different from the other. Some are super traditional where very little questions are permitted. Other than giving a good impression at the interview, asking questions are an essential way to gain knowledge fast to take wise decisions. This is true in any situation, don’t take it for granted. 

  • Asking the above questions will surely help you in taking a very important step in your career path that will lead you to your dream job.

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Dimitri is a certified trainer, business & life coach. As a trained hospitality professional with over 10 years of sales experience in the US and Sri Lanka (including two Fortune 500 companies); he also carries a wealth of people and business skills that are helpful to his clients.

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