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May 26, 2020

This was a 6 part series called BECOMING STRONGER FROM HOME. Where we focus on dealing with STRESS & ANXIETY to help you deal with the lockdown period. We hope through these processes you will grow with personal reflection to face the future with confidence.

1.Dealing With Uncertainty – Life in 2020. Facing the unknown

Uncertainty is a mental state of being that prevents you from processing information wisely and making wise decisions about your future. It’s also an emotional barrier, inducing fear of facing the unknown.

In the video, we’ve highlighted key points from a recent webinar on “How To Overcome Uncertainty In Your Future”.

2. Overcome Ruminating – 3 ways to stop overthinking

Ruminating is a mental process where we overthink an issue without any objective completion. It is an unhealthy pattern of thought that can keep one from taking productive steps towards the desired goal. Here’s a few basic tips to do if you begin to ruminate.

In the video, we’ve highlighted key points to identify 3 ways to stop overthinking. –

Overcome Ruminating. 3 ways to stop overthinking

3. Fear Or Anxiety? What is the difference?

Fear & Anxiety are related but not quite the same. They effect our lives differently and are even handled differently as well. But how can we identify them? This video will help you note the key differentiators.

In the video, we’ve identified how to distinguish between your Fears and Anxieties you are dealing with. –

Fear or Anxiety? What is the difference?

4. Dealing With Anxiety – How to stop worrying

Anxiety is a fear-based debilitating mental and emotional condition that any of us can fall into. It can affect our productivity and health. Here are a few tips on how to deal with anxiety.

In the video, we’ve identified how you can list down the worrying associated with you. –

Dealing with Anxiety. How to stop worrying

5. Where Does My Stress Come From? – The 3 types of stress

Unless you know exactly WHAT KIND of stress you’re experiencing all the stress management tips available will not be effective.

In this video we share 3 main sources and 3 types of stress, knowing this information will help you zone in on your struggles and help you manage them better. –

6. Post Lockdown Work Life – Work/ Life management in 2020

Dimitri recently spoke at a webinar (courtesy of DIMO Lanka) on how to increase your EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and manage your team in the NEW NORMAL work life.

The best part was the great insights shared by the team during the Q&A session. Here are the answers for the Top 4 Questions asked. –

Post Lock down Work Life

As we end this BECOMING STRONGER FROM HOME series we hope the content in here was of value to you. Hope we helped you grow in confidence during this lockdown period.

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Dimitri is a certified trainer, business & life coach. As a trained hospitality professional with over 10 years of sales experience in the US and Sri Lanka (including two Fortune 500 companies); he also carries a wealth of people and business skills that are helpful to his clients.

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