Introductions: We are Vergence

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More than the standard processing of corporate training, we train our participants how to observe how they think, feel and act.

1. What is Vergence

Vergence came out of a desire to help those who are struck in the middle of life rather than the bottom. The people who have the necessary professional qualifications and personal assets for success and social connections but still don’t seem to able to find direction or success on their terms. Having been there myself I realized there was no place for people like me to go to get help.

However, to improve in any areas I believe it must begin with the way one thinks. For this to happen one must be willing to receive the truth about one’s self and goals. As for the name Vergence; it is the ability to focusing on what you are looking at!

2. A Different Approach

As Humans we are all multidimensional beings with complex ways thinking. How and why we desire certain goals reveals so much about what drives us. This is why at Vergence we take a holistic approach to understand how our participants thinks, feels & communicates. 

Focusing on the cognitive aspect of reaching goals rather than just the results have been successful. When people understand each other they get along and work effectively with each other. 

3. For the Modern Company 

For companies that hopes to employ the present day young adults it is vital to understand them first. Whether you’re a CEO or a Manager if you are managing a team it’s best to accept money and position will not be the ultimate driving forces of your employees.

To have purpose and meaning within the job or career is vital for employees. We can help bring that meaning to them. When your employees are more engaged things get productive and profitable.

We aim to help leaders get better so everyone gets better.

Drop us a line (11) 2 877375/  076 433 6376 or email us at for.
We will be happy to assist!

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